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Proof Of Common Interest!

Fully decentralized applications are the future of finance. Everything else is vulnerable to human error, greed, unfavorable regulations and unjust confiscations.

No matter what your favorite coins or tokens currently are, as fellow cryptocurrency users we all have many common interests that we can proudly rally around. POCI aims to unite and remind the crypto community of those common interests while helping usher them into a worldwide reality.

Introducing "POCI" (Proof Of Common Interest)

Despite our cool fury mascot, POCI isn't to be confused with your average meme token!

POCI is a fully decentralized, deflationary, gamified, DAO token. POCI gives its holders voting rights, staking rewards and ultimately governance over their very own decentralized SmartChain, Automated Market Maker, NFT platform and more. POCI holders will be rewarded via trading fees, incentive tokens and other proceeds produced by the ecosystem as well.

POCI begins its journey as a smartcontract hosted on the BSC that will ultimately evolve into the native token of its very own smartchain. Participants will be gradually airdropped their portion of BSC POCI tokens that can be vaulted for additional privileges and rewards or sold on the open market for profit.

Historical data proves that time in the market is far more rewarding than trying to time the market.

POCI uses built-in smart mechanics to enlighten its holders on the powerful benefits of basic crypto fundamentals such as Dollar Cost Averaging, Delayed Gratification, Compounded Interest, ect.. while deterring them from common financially damaging pitfalls such as trading/gambling.

POCI offers many favorable features that experienced DeFi users seek:

* No Dev, Team or Marketing Tokens
* No Admin Keys
* Limited Supply
* Deflationary
* Community Governance (DAO)
* Locked Liquidity
* Hold Mechanics and Incentives
* Incentivised Continuous Buy Pressure
* Anti Bot Partisapation
AND More!

Crypto is a game of you vs you and your emotions are usually your worst enemy.

POCI puts an end to irrational emotional impulses caused by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) by programing winning crypto fundamentals into its contracts, which benefits everyone. These basic fundamentals save individual users and the community as a whole from missing life-changing opportunities and/or wrecking themselves due to rapid emotional decision making.

Number Go Up

One of the most attractive attributes that any coin or token can have is a chart full of green candles that goes up and to the right for days, weeks and years to come. The developers of POCI believe they have found the perfect combination of mathematical formulas that will grab worldwide attention via a consistently increasing token value that the world has yet to see.

The Next 1 Million X?

POCI's algorithmic intelligence combined with an ever growing crypto community that's aware of their common interests puts POCI in a great position to become the world's first coin/token to increase one million X and beyond since Bitcoin.

Fully detailed tokenomics will be released soon.

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Witness the power of programed community cooperation!
From the developers of The Original BNB Miner
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